Spirals Reduction Linocute (variable edition size 6)

This is a reduction linocut of ammonites. Variable colouring and inking of the image makes each original hand-printed print in the edition being truly individual. The double mounts used for these prints also vary in top and lower colours although the top colour remains a neutral tint. Prints 3-6 and 4-6 have a slight peach tint to the top mount, prints 5-6 and 6-6 have an ivory top colour. If you have a particular preference for one of the prints and it has not already been purchased please note its edition number, eg 3-6 or 5-6, and advise me in the instructions area on the order page as you place your order, or email me directly through the contact form to specify your choice..

if you click on any thumbnail the gallery below a larger image of the full print will open and to left or right of the image are arrows you can use to scroll through all the prints to choose which you prefer. if you do not indicate any preference when ordering you will receive one selected at random.