Some Recent Oils

Cornfield Poppies

From the larger square format paintings to a small 20x20cm canvas and the eye-catching pop of colour from poppies in a field of corn.

Wave Watching SOLD

Another small 'gem' of the coastline a bit further on from 'Incoming Wave' shown below.The seagulls were constantly flying by on the lookout for whatever was interesting them in the water. Unframed 20x20 cm canvas, ready to hang.

Snow and Ice SOLD

Back to my favourite subject matter - water, this time as snow, ice and water. I loved the sun reflection and the challenge of the sheet ice on the water, also the square format of the canvas. This is a 50x50 cm unframed canvas with painted edges, ready to hang.

Incoming Wave SOLD

Here I'm back with a seascape of a breaking wave on the Maine coastline. Another square canvas 50x50 cm unframed ready to hang.

River Meavy, Dartmoor SOLD

Oil on panel of the River Meavy by Fox Tor Bridge on Dartmoor. Unframed size 12" x 8".
I couldn't resist this one as I love painting rocks, stone and water and this has them all. My thanks to Jean Fry for use of her reference photo.

Malmesmead, Exmoor

Oil on panel. Unframed size 12" x 8".
From Dartmoor to Exmoor and Lorna Doone country for this view of the ford and ancient bridge at Malmesmead. It's a tight fit in a modern car going over the bridge

Buscot Lock

Oil painting from a study made on a plain air painting day at Buscot with members of Lechlade Art Society. Oil on panel, image size 12 x 8"

Round the Bend at Buscot

And moving on further along the footpath from the lock, as seen left, and usually past some cows in the field, you'll find this view of the Thames. Oil painting on panel, image size 12 x 8".

Childrey Pond SOLD

Here's the view facing the other way of the pond and geese at Childrey. oil on panel, image size 12" x 8".

Childrey SOLD

Oil painting of Childrey and the village pond in October. oil on panel, image size 12" x 8"

A Splash of Red

A Splash of Red

There's something about patch of bright red of poppies catching the sunlight that cries out to be painted.
Judged winner of 'Best in Exhibition' in the Faringdon Art Society annual exhibition of 2020.
Unframed size 50 x 20 cm, oil on panel in a maple veneered frame.

Heathland Vista - SOLD

A panoramic view of the heather on The Long Mynd. Unframed size 50 x 20 cm, oil on panel in a beech finsh frame.
Recently voted the winning artwork for the Lechlade Art Society 'Oscart' award of 2022

View to White Horse Hill from the Vale - SOLD

Oil on board of the view looking towards White Horse Hill, Uffington from the Vale of the White Horse.
Unframed size 24 x 12"

Racing the Rain

Inspired by the snatches of light on the rolling landscape, an Oil on board of the Ridgeway near Wantage as the farmers race to get in the harvest before the threatening rain. Unframed size 24 x 12" , framed in a medium natural wood
Runner-up in the Painting category of the Swire Ridgeway Art Prize Exhibition of 2019

Lake District View

Oil on board in a standard 16 x 12" frame with a black and pewter finish

Fall, New England

Landscape of the wonderful New England fall colours at Swift River. Oil on board, image size 8 x 12"