Landscape Montage Series

Ridgeway Aspects - SOLD

This was the first painting in the series, done for the Swire Ridgeway Art Prize Exhibition themed on 'The Spirit of the Ridgeway'. Rather than paint a more realistic image I wanted to try to present a variety of features along the Ridgeway in a more abstract treatment. Wayland Smithy in Oxfordshire is featured in the centre, Avebury Ring in Wiltshire joins it to the left, the walk from Wayland Smithy to Uffington Castle crosses the bottom of the painting and continues trailing up and through the right hand side incorporating views up to the White Horse and down from the top of the horse looking into the Manger, all in Oxfordshire. The outline of White Horse Hill morphs into the silhouette of Uffington castle if you look hard. The landscape is twisted gently to slot these features together to form a cohesive image.

Abingdon Walkabout

This painting displays features seen on a walk around Abingdon on Thames in Oxfordshire from the Thameside near the marina, past St Helen's church, with views of the church from both sides of the river, then on from the bridge towards the weir and lock, returning back via the priory ruins to the original starting point.

Wittenham Viewpoints

Here you see the view of Wittenham Clumps from Day's Lock at the lower left part of the painting morphing into a view back to Day's Lock itself, bottom right. Then the way up to Castle mound from near the top of the hill merging into the view towards Day's Lock and Wittenham church from the top of the hill and finally at the skyline the view of the Clumps from the road into Didcot.

Oxford Fantasy - SOLD

This montage presents an amalgamation of Oxford High Street, several views Magdalen College - the fritillaries, cloisters, bridge and gate to the riverside walk, Tom Tower of Christchurch College, Oxford's 'Bridge of Sighs' linking to University Church and Brasenose College, Christchurch College from the gardens, and the Oxford skyline from South Parks.

A Look at Lechlade - SOLD

The fifth image in this series is of scenes around Lechlade showing the Round House, Halfpenny Bridge from both sides, Lechlade church seen from the river, St John's Lock and the Trout Inn public house near St John's Lock.

Oxford Re-Viewed

Oxford is again the subject matter for this latest montage of the university colleges, featuring the Martyrs' Memorial, Christchurch, Merton, University Church, Radcliffe Camera, Magdalen Bridge with the college tower, Hertford and St Hilda's College.

These paintings were produced using acrylic inks on watercolour paper, the landscape images subsequently glazed over to produce the grid layouts and circular or rectangular focus areas.
They are presented in double mount mats of light ivory in a standard 20 x 16″ sized frame of a dark brown driftwood finish.