Art with Text Forms

Time - SOLD

The first in this sequence of paintings on the concept of 'Time' including text forms and calligraphic writing. The lettering from an alphabet style I devised reproduces the effect of the dandelion clock through the multiple layers of writing. The dandelion itself is figurative painting over an abstract background produced by letting the medium, very wet acrylic ink, 'do it’s own thing' and then adding the free text into the image. The wording included is from poems 'Take Time' by an unknown author and ‘Time Is’ by Henry Van Dyke.

There Is A Season

The quotation from Ecclesiastes on 'There Is A Season' is superimposed over the background images which are intended to subtly represent the four seasons as silhouetted tree outlines in Spring and Summer colours and the central winter/autumnal tree. It is part of the "Time' series which includes depictions representing each of the four seasons of the year, as shown below.


The semi-abstracted background includes images of hawthorn berries, beech nuts, acorns and autumn leaves. Text extracts are from the poem 'Autumn' by William Henry Giles Kingston.


An abstract representation of the colours and feel of winter with text from a poem written by myself.


Here pussy willow and catkins are used to represent Spring, with text from the poem 'Spring' by Michael Fairless.


Poppies and Cow Parsley, typical flowers of a British summer and text from the poems 'Summer' and 'Summer Noontide' both by Madison Julius Cawein.